Logistics / Road

The Mid-America Intermodal Authority Port is strategically located in heart of the tri-states of Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri. The initial site for development – the South Quincy Development District – is at the center of four-lane highways in all directions:

  • The Avenue of the Saints passes just 5 miles to the west and is 4-lane from Canada to the Gulf
  • Illinois Highway 172 is part of the newly designated Route 110/CKC (Chicago – Kansas City Expressway) which offers a less-congested alternate route to these popular Midwest destinations.

The Port is consistently upgrading and constructing new roadway infrastructure within the development site, working with area businesses to meet needs so that they can grow their business and be competitive in the global market.

More than 20 trucking firms have a presence in Adams County (the site of the proposed Port), with more than 1,500 trucks domiciled here. Within three days, trucks can reach two-thirds of the United States and parts of Canada.